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GSLS Biostatistics Initiative



Our statistics training courses fall into one of two broad categories:

Open Courses

These courses are designed to provide a strong foundation in practical statistics and data analysis and are open to all members of the GSLS. If you're not sure what analysis techniques are necessary for your research then the Core Statistics Course is a great place to start. These courses run multiple times per year.

Bespoke Courses

Some departments, institutes or training programmes have opted to run bespoke training courses for their students/staff often with a specific choice of topics to be covered. Before signing up to an open course it is worth checking whether you already have access to a bespoke course (see here for a list of our current bespoke courses), after all we can't think of anyone who would want to do more statistics training than absolutely necessary!

If you are looking for more details on bespoke statistics training then please visit this page for more information.

Details for each of these three types of courses can be found be clicking on the appropriate link above or via the menu.